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Vamoose Varmint! Humane wildlife services
VaMoose Varmint provides humane nuisance wildlife management for homes and properties. VaMoose Varmint removes skunks, squirrels, raccoons, bats and many more varmints.

Van Beck Roofing and Siding Co.
For all your home improvement and commercial needs. Serving Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and 50 mile area. Specializing in roofing, siding, windows. "Thousands of Satisfied Customers"

VexGuard Pest Control
Pest Control Services in Kalamazoo, MI Specializing in Integrated Pest Management practices.

Elegant & romantic wedding videography.

Vincent Soo and Company
MWL Productions featuring World Class editing using the Avid Media Composer 1000.

Viper / C-JET Security Services
We pride ourselves as being the only 'elite' security agency in the State of Michigan. The reason for this is simple. All of our security officers and security personnel are more advanced in security procedures and training than all of our competitors.

Vladimir Arts
Vladimir Arts, a multinational art gallery and international publishing company, was founded in West Germany in 1975 by an American Army officer by the name of Lew Iwlew. The United States gallery and world headquarters, opened in 1988, is located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

VPN Testing LTD
We are a team of cybersecurity fanatics working to educate you about cybersecurity and privacy issues. We build awareness of, and provide prevention methods against, different types of internet vulnerabilities.

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